For over 20 years, Collaborate has been developed to meet the evolving needs of Children's Advocacy Centers. Here are some of the key features for CACs.

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Reports for CACs

We understand that reporting is a major responsibility for you. That’s why all the key funder and demographics reports for CACs are available in Collaborate - and run in seconds - including:

  • VOCA Reports
  • NCA Reports
  • United Way Reports
  • …and many more

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List of CAC-focused services.
CAC-Focused Services

Services are the heart of what you provide to children and families. Everything CACs do can be quickly and accurately recorded in Collaborate - plus your Services will automatically show up in your Funder Reports.

“Collaborate has allowed National CAC to have one secure location to store MDT, Therapy, Medical, and Family Advocate files and services.”

Kelli Mukaddam headshot Kelli Mukaddam
Data Specialist, National Children’s Advocacy Center

Collaborate’s Pre-Built Services

Use them right out of the box, or customize each service to suit your exact needs.

  • Family Advocacy
  • Forensic Interviews
  • Medical Exams
  • Mental Health
  • Referrals
  • Clinical Assessments
  • Therapy Notes
  • Legal Assistance & Court Services
  • Dispositions

...and many more

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Intakes, Made for CACs

Quickly capture all of your Client, Associated Person, and Alleged Offender info in one place. From demographics and caregivers to allegations and referral sources, Collaborate has you covered.

Just like Services, all Intake data is mapped precisely to your Funder Reports - so you get credit for every Client you serve.

Even More Features for CACs

Case Review

Schedule, staff, and review groups of Cases with your MDT, with personalized PDF packets for each participant.

Custom Services

Need a service that isn’t built in? Create it yourself, or have our analysts make a custom elaborate service.

Conflict Check

Avoid duplicate entries and quickly identify Clients that have been to your CAC before.

Roles & Permissions

Restrict access on a “need to know” basis for all your users, from Admins to Interns.

SMS Reminders

Remind Clients of upcoming appointments and reduce no-shows by up to 53%.

Activity Module

Track non-case-related activities, like community outreach, group therapy, and staff training.

“The Activity Module has been very helpful in streamlining our data entry and it is very convenient having all of our data in one place. We love the flexibility that the module allows in adding new types of activities.”

Zach Carlson headshot Zach Carlson
Director of Finance & Operations, Denver Children’s Advocacy Center

Industry-Leading Security & Compliance

HIPAA Compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant software, from an Amazon AWS Public Sector Partner.

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