Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia

Member of the National Children’s Alliance, The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia, Inc. is Georgia’s statewide membership association of 50 local children’s advocacy centers.

“Network Ninja is enthusiastic and supportive of our mission, and understands the nonprofit world. Having a cutting edge software company behind us, one that develops friendly but powerful software, that’s a unique combination.”

andrew agatston headshot Andrew H. Agatston
CEO and General Legal Counsel

  • Dozens of networked Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs), each with own private customizable instance
  • CACs able to search through entire state database of clients, caregivers, and offenders
  • Statewide reporting
  • Mix of Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) and non-MDT children’s advocacy centers
  • 500+ users, years of case data, tens of thousands of cases, hundreds of thousands of services

Client Story

Douglas County, Nebraska

Three human services departments of the Douglas County, Nebraska municipal government run on Collaborate, each with their own tailored software implementation.

Highlights include fully electronic workflows, Class Management for educational programs, and hundreds of DocuSign Signatures collected per month.

“With the use of Collaborate and DocuSign Signatures, our caseworkers are able to work more effectively and efficiently.”

melissa sewick headshot Melissa Sewick
Douglas Co. Dept. of General Assistance

  • The Douglas County Department of Corrections promotes public safety by effectively managing individuals in secure custody and Community Corrections by offering programs to prepare individuals to successfully return to society.

    Client Story

  • The Douglas County General Assistance provides for the poor of the county who are not eligible for any other governmental assistance and do not have a parent, step parent, or spouse responsible for their support. These are “programs of last resort”.

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  • The Douglas County Veterans’ Service Office provides confidential counseling and assistance to Veterans and their families who are applying for Federal, State, and County Veterans programs and benefits.

Hope For The Warriors

Hope For The Warriors works to enhance the quality of life for post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty.

“As we launched our new database the Network Ninja Team has shown impeccable dedication to ensure we had a seamless day. There was not a curveball we could throw that the Ninja Team didn't hit out of the park.”

robcork headshot Rob Cork
Operations Director

  • Portal that allows HFTW clients to request services, fill out forms, and check appointment schedules
  • Direct correspondence between staff and clients
  • Complete Biopsychosocial (BPS) model processes
  • Other services tracked include financial assistance, career transitioning, and spouse & caregiver scholarships

Client Story

The Spot / Project Ark

The Spot / Project Ark is a cooperative focusing on social justice and health care for at-risk youth.

“Prior to Collaborate, we were using paper charts, which are hard to manage, and even harder to compile data from for grants. Now everything is easy to access, and complete.”

katieplax headshot Katie Plax MD
Director, Adolescent Center

  • Collaborate facilitates all data management and reporting for SPARK
  • Medical services, mental health counseling, sexual and reproductive health services
  • Work development / workforce coaching services
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Fully electronic medical records, charting, even immunization records

Client Story

New York City’s YMCA

The YMCA of Greater New York is committed to serving the immigrant population of the city, and, in response to their needs, has opened New Americans Welcome Centers to help immigrants achieve literacy, cultural competence, and self-sufficiency.

“Using a database to become almost entirely paperless, minimize the use of manual tracking, and the ability to store years of data in one central location has allowed us to focus on the more important part of our work, the community.”

rachaelrinaldo headshot Rachael Rinaldo
Program Director

  • Learning Management for New Americans Welcome Centers
  • 21 sites, hundreds of users, thousands of students and referrals
  • Collaborate manages Class Offerings, Workshops, Lesson Plans, and Certifications
  • DocuSign Signatures Optional Module for signing intake documents and Learning
  • Management attendance sheets
  • Web-based software integral for geographically diverse sites

Client Story

Casa de Salud St. Louis

Casa de Salud Provides clinical and mental health services to uninsured and underinsured, with a focus on new immigrants and refugees.

“Network Ninja would come up with innovations and solutions that went far beyond anything I could imagine. It’s like partnering with architects, engineers, and systems designers!”

kathrinemathews headshot Katherine J. Mathews
Director of Clinical Services

  • Electronic medical records management
  • Medical Examinations and Immunizations
  • Manage lab and service costs, including invoicing
  • Assessments, Plans, and Instruments
  • Call tracking and followup

Client Story

What is Collaborate?

Collaborate on Desktop and iPad

Customizable case management software for non-profits and social services agencies.
  • Track case information, all the way through intake, providing services, setting goals, and recording outcomes
  • Go beyond the data with intelligent core features such as: case history, medical exams, test results, custom reports & more
  • Our award-winning web-based solution is secure & easy to use, whether a novice or a power user

How Can Collaborate Be Used?

Standalone Implementation

Perfect for small, medium, and large implementations that have multiple programs but don't need to communicate directly with other organizations that use Collaborate.

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Hundreds of Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) use Collaborate.

Collaborate for Networks

Offered for groups that need to communicate and securely share sensitive data between other organizations that use Collaborate.

For Networks of Organizations

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Collaborate for Networks is a perfect fit for statewide Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) networks.

Why Use Collaborate?

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Cut out the Paper

Let Collaborate do the heavy lifting. Collaborate adjusts to your workflow and processes, not the other way around.

“Prior to Collaborate, we were using paper charts…”

See what The Spot has to say about Collaborate vs. Paper.

  • Use your existing forms, electronically
  • No more boxes of folders, no more spreadsheets
  • Clients can sign documents using smartphones, tablets, or computers
  • Save everything in one place

Fully Customizable

Don't mess with a good thing - keep your workflows where they work, use our templates where they can be improved upon.

“…it’s like partnering with architects, engineers, and systems designers!”

See how we went above and beyond with Casa de Salud’s customizations.

  • We'll customize and configure Collaborate for you, good to go at launch
  • Afterward, as requirements change, make configuration changes on your own
  • Grant requirements change frequently, so can Collaborate's reports
  • Our expert software developers can accommodate your specialized requirements

Fast and Secure

Directly on the Internet backbone, and actively monitored for security, so you're safe and sound.

Assist America uses Collaborate’s admin capabilities to configure who can access Collaborate from where, and even automatically lock accounts if something suspicious is happening.

  • High-grade encryption
  • Users can be granted access to what they need, only
  • Stable and scalable platform
  • Hourly backups means disaster avoidance


Hosted and maintained by us, for you.

New York City’s YMCA and Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia both make use of Collaborate’s cloud-based nature to allow users spread across a large area to access their database securely, using a web browser. Assist America does it worldwide.

  • No need for additional systems or network administrators
  • No software to install
  • Lightning fast, with as much bandwidth, processing power, and storage as you need
  • Access from anywhere, any time

Easy to Use and Understand

Developed and constantly improved upon, since 1998, we take our clients feedback seriously. Easy to use, even for the most technology-averse.

Our userbase is diverse, but most are not organizations that traditionally rely heavily on technology. Take a look at how some of our features work, simple and straightforward.

  • Intuitively designed interface
  • Simple to navigate
  • Dedicated support staff to assist
  • Online support & issue reporting

Substantial Cost Savings

Software is a tool to help you perform better, with less effort. Let it handle the grunt work and tedium, allowing you to focus on your real goals.

“…making for a highly efficient client experience and delivery of services”

See how Collaborate streamlined The Center’s processes and reduced overhead.

  • Significant reduction in organization communication overhead
  • No annual or "per seat" license fees
  • Increased productivity and lower administrative costs
  • Reports that used to take weeks now take seconds!

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