Do you have multiple programs that you need to refer Case data between, while maintaining “need to know” privacy? Collaborate’s Referral Module lets you easily manage all aspects of the referral process, including:

  • Making Case Referrals between Users & Organizations,
  • Referring Cases to any Contact in your Collaborate Network - even if they belong to another Program or Site, and
  • Managing inbound and outbound Referrals to and from external partners, too.
“We wanted to break down the silos between our various programs, and the Referral Module is a fluid way to standardize and track our workflows.”

LeeAnne Woods headshot LeeAnne Woods
Director of Grants Management & Program Evaluation, Center for Hope

Infographic showing the Referral Module process from beginning to end.

How the Center for Hope uses it

The Baltimore-based Center for Hope runs multiple programs - including a Children’s Advocacy Center, Domestic Violence program, and Elder Justice program - and often works with several other agencies in their community. They use the Referral Module to boost collaboration between programs and simplify the reporting process.

Collaborate Referral Module animation

“We really wanted to dive into where we’re receiving referrals from - the Referral Module makes it easy to report on these types of metrics,” says Alisha Hunter, Violence Intervention Data Coordinator at the Center for Hope. “It’s also nice that people get notifications that a referral has been sent.”

Referral Module Benefits

Collaboration Programs can quickly refer Cases to each other, and to outside agencies.
Standardization All Referrals are handled the same way, across all programs.
Notification Stakeholders receive Referral-based notifications and can track whether Referrals have been accepted, declined, or if more information is needed before processing.
Efficiency No need to re-enter Intake information when receiving a Referral - data can be carried over from an existing Case.
Reporting Referral data is easily mined for meaningful insights and trends.

The new Referral Module saves time, improves communication between programs and organizations, and provides complete visibility about the referral process from end to end. Contact us today for more information.