Collaborate Features

From Intakes and Services through Outcomes and Reporting - and everything in between - Collaborate has social services covered. Book a demo to see it in action.

Case Management & Tracking

Screenshot of a Case Profile page in Collaborate.

Case Profiles

All Case information is housed on one screen for easy access, including:

  • Intake data
  • Services and Activities
  • Case Assignments & Tasks
  • Internal & external Referrals
  • Case Notes, Documents, Notifications, and Alerts
Screenshoit of Assignments and Tasks in Collaborate.

Assignments & Tasks

Assign Cases and to yourself or other Users with start and end dates.

Create Tasks for to-do items, add assignees and due dates, and include automated Reminders when Tasks become due.

When Assignments or Tasks are completed, close them out with one click.

Screenshot of staff and client reminders in Collaborate.

Notifications & Reminders

Send and schedule email and SMS (text message) Notifications & Reminders to Staff, Clients, or anyone outside of Collaborate.

SMS Reminders can reduce no-shows by up to 53%.

“Counseling Staff use Collaborate’s SMS feature constantly, they love it.”
Headshot of Tarah Sellers.

Tarah Sellers

Director of Client Services, Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA)

Screenshot of example case notes in Collaborate.

Case Notes

Add narrative information to Cases and Services with optional color coding.

A complete history of all Case Notes lives on Case Profile pages to provide a timeline of events.

Screenshot of a case alert in Collaborate.

Case Alerts

Keep important information front and center on Case Profiles.

Screenshot of relationships selection in Collaborate.


Establish, manage, and report on complex relationships between Clients, family members, and other people.

Screenshot of copying case fields in Collaborate.

Copy Case Fields

Save time by carrying over shared Addresses, Relationships, and other data for related Cases.

Screenshot of changing case types in Collaborate.

Convert Case Types

Quickly change Hotline Intakes into full Cases, or Associated People into Clients.

Screenshot of program management in Collaborate.

Program Management

Collaborate is built to handle multiple Programs at the Case and/or Service level.

Enroll Clients in Programs with entry and exit dates, access a complete Program history, and generate Reports to compare performance across Programs.

Screenshot of referrals in Collaborate.


Refer Cases between Programs, while maintaining “need to know” privacy, plus track both inbound and outbound Referrals for outside partners.

Send & Receive Referrals, Across Programs & Organizations

Screenshot of MDT case reviews in Collaborate.

MDT Case Reviews

If you run MDT Meetings, then Collaborate’s Case Reviews feature is for you.

  • Schedule Staffings & send invitations to attendees
  • Generate custom PDF packets for each MDT member
  • Record findings & schedule follow-ups
Animation of the Investigation feature in Collaborate.

Investigation Tracking

Made for organizations who receive criminal investigation data from law enforcement & protective services, countywide or statewide.

Review pending investigations - including alleged victims and incident details - and pull data into Case files automatically.

Data Integration Helps Kentucky Combat Child Abuse

“Our staff found that Collaborate is easy to navigate, and was customized specifically to streamline services and data entry.”
Headshot of Kelli Mukaddam.

Kelli Mukaddam

Data Specialist, National Children’s Advocacy Center

Case History

Access an auditable record of every change ever made to Cases.

Case Linking

Quickly link multiple related Cases together in a few clicks.

Case Restrictions

Lock access to specific Cases only to qualified Users to avoid conflicts of interest.


Track people living under the same roof together by adding them to Households.

Address History

When Clients move, add a new address while preserving a full list of old addresses.

Person Profiles

For Clients with more than one Case, access all their Cases on a single screen.

Customizable Forms

Screenshot of an intake form in Collaborate.


Intake forms are tailored specifically for your organization by social services experts.

We’ll automate manual processes, digitize your paper forms, and add logic-based elements to save time for Staff.

Screenshot of conflict checking in Collaborate.

Conflict Check

Avoid duplicate entries and locate difficult to find Cases with intelligent conflict checking, performed automatically for each new Intake.

Screenshot of quick add associated cases in Collaborate.

Quick Add Associated Cases

Create associated Cases, such as family members or alleged offenders, without leaving your original Intake form.

Screenshot of a service form in Collaborate.


Collaborate has hundreds of pre-built Service forms, from medical comprehensive to workforce coaching.

But it's not limited to those - you can create your own custom Services with associated criteria to be tracked and managed.

Pre-Built Service Forms

  • Victim Advocacy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Progress Notes
  • Legal Dispositions
  • Mental Health
  • Counseling
  • Clinical Assessments
  • Referrals
  • Forensic Interviews
  • SANE Exams
  • Goals & Outcomes
  • Shelters & Housing
  • Title IX
  • Medical Exams
  • Needs Assessments

…and many more

Animation of a quick batch of services in Collaborate.

Batch Services

Save dozens of hours per month in data entry when you record multiple Services at once, on a single screen.

Type a keyword and get suggested Services to add to a batch. With some quick clicks, several Services are added and saved to a Case.

Group Activities

Outside of direct Services, Collaborate’s Activity Module lets you track and manage things you do for groups of people, including:

  • Prevention & Outreach
  • Support groups
  • Trainings
  • Community events

Track Community Outreach and More in Collaborate

Screenshot of an external client survey form in Collaborate.

External Forms

Collect information from outside of Collaborate and quickly associate it with Cases, Services, and Activities.

Send people a link to the form, or add an embedded form on your own website, to gather information like:

  • Surveys
  • Self-Intakes
  • Signups for group sessions
Screenshot of an external client survey form in Collaborate.

Goal Plans

Track Clients' milestone achievements - from education and mental health to housing and finance - with Collaborate's Goal Plans.

  • Templated Plans, Goals, and Steps
  • At-a-glance Goal progress summaries
  • Report the impact of Goal-centric programs

Goal Tracking for Social Services


Gather quick qualifying data about potential Clients before progressing to a full Intake form.

Hotline Intakes

Hotline workers get their own Intake forms to grab the data they can during crisis situations.

Service Scheduling

Schedule Services for the future with optional SMS & email reminders.

Service Locking

When a Service is 100% complete, lock it to ensure no further changes are made.

Service Notes

Add a narrative to any Service to provide further context on what you discussed or did with a Client.

Document Management

Screenshot of a document template in Collaborate.

Document Templates

Why fill out forms manually when you can pull data in automatically?

Document Templates lets you create custom PDF documents based on existing Collaborate data, then save pre-populated Documents directly to Cases and Services.

Picture of someone signing a document on a mobile phone.

DocuSign Integration

Collaborate integrates with your DocuSign account, allowing collection of Electronic Signatures from Clients and Service providers, including telehealth, consent, and release forms.

Signers can add signatures from any device.

Screenshot document queue in Collaborate.

Document Queue

Scan Documents and send them directly to Collaborate via any networked scanner, or email documents to Collaborate. Access the Queue to associate Documents with Cases.

Screenshot of document upload in Collaborate.

Simple Document Upload

Drag and drop files of any type (or use the file selection window), while automatically associating them with Cases, Services, and Activities.

In-Depth Reporting

Screenshot of creating a dynamic report in Collaborate.

Dynamic Reports

Create your own Reports from scratch using our Reports Library, or have Collaborate experts make them for you.

Either way, Collaborate Reports are filterable, shareable, and can include any field in the database.

Screenshot of a pie chart in Collaborate.

Data Visualizations

Visualize your data in Collaborate with charts and graphs, including:

  • Pie charts
  • Bar charts
  • Line charts
Screenshot of creating a dynamic report in Collaborate.

Crosstabs with Subrows

No need for spreadsheets - you can create crosstabs with subrows in Collaborate.

That means you can segment your data across locations & demographics to extract meaningful insights.

Animation of an example funder report in Collaborate.

Custom Funder Reports

Have complex reporting needs? Collaborate specialists will tailor Custom Reports to meet your funder’s precise requirements.

A Custom Report’s output is portable, shareable, and easily accessible on a single screen.

Screenshot of a monthly digest email from Collaborate.

Monthly Digest

Each month, key stakeholders will receive an email that recaps recent data totals like:

  • Cases created
  • Services provided
  • Reports run
  • Support hours utilized
Animation of an example funder report in Collaborate.

Aggregate Data & Reporting

If some of your member Organizations or Programs don’t use Collaborate, you can still collect data from them - and run holistic reports on that data - via the Aggregate Data feature.

  • Entities log into a special Collaborate account to quickly submit data totals.
  • Aggregate Data can then be blended into Collaborate Reports.

Holistic Network-Wide Reporting (No Spreadsheets Required)

Data Integrations

Screenshot of imported data in Collaborate.

Data Imports

Bring your legacy data with you when you switch to Collaborate.

Included with standard onboarding, data migration specialists will import and map your data to appropriate Collaborate database fields, ensuring it remains reportable.

Infographic of a data integration with Collaborate.

API & Third Party Integrations

Collaborate supports robust connections with other software systems. Example integrations in everyday use by social services agencies include:

  • Statewide referrals systems
  • Medical billing
  • Payroll/Staffing
  • Quickbooks integrations

Data Integration Helps Kentucky Combat Child Abuse

Contacts, Organizations, & Calendar

Screenshot of contact info Collaborate.


Keep track of staff at outside organizations, including contact info and office details.

Screenshot of organization info in Collaborate.


Manage partner agencies you work with, including those with multiple locations.

Screenshot satellite office in Collaborate.

Satellite Offices

Have multiple office locations? Just select which one you’re working from.

Screenshot of the calendar in Collaborate.

Calendar & Events

Each user has a personalized Calendar to track their scheduled Services & Events.

Industry-Leading Security & Compliance

Illustration of a checkmark.

HIPAA & SOC 2 Compliant

A third party firm audited Collaborate and Network Ninja and confirmed our compliance.

HIPAA Primer for CACs

Illustration of an outline of a person.

Roles & Permissions

Multidisciplinary team members’ Permissions can be tightly controlled so that they only have access to what they need.

Illustration of an outline of lock.

Strong Encryption

Everything from a User’s browser to Collaborate, or on the server itself, is encrypted - including backups.

Illustration of an outline of a computer with a big key in front of it.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA greatly reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your Collaborate implementation.

Enhance Your Security with MFA

Illustration of a gear and a list of checkboxes.

Complete Logs

Administrators can view a full audit of every login or attempted login, and every change to every field in the database.

Illustration of the Collaborate logo in the clouds.

Backups of Backups

Collaborate instances are backed up in real-time, to prevent any loss of your data.

Administrator Control

User Management

Create new Users, deactivate old ones, manage Roles & Permissions, and send password reset emails.

Edit Form Values

Manage the content in drop-down menus, checkboxes, and other elements in Intakes, Services, Activities, and more.

Service Management

Create new Simple Services for Users to record and schedule, or deactivate unneeded ones.

Application Export

Export all Users - or the entire configuration of your application - in one click.

Service & Support

Screenshot of Collaborate Knowledge Base articles.

Knowledge Base

Access a complete user manual on all Collaborate features.

Screenshot of help widget in Collaborate.

Help Widget

View contextual self-serve articles without leaving the application.

Screenshot of support request in Collaborate.

Support Requests

Contact the Collaborate support team with anything you need, and get a quick response.

Screenshot of a Collaborate webinar signup.

Live Training Webinars

Sign up for group or 1-on-1 consultations from the Training Schedule.

On-Demand Training Videos

Can’t attend a live training? Choose from an extensive library of on on-demand training videos covering topics from first-time basics to advanced reporting, 24/7.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager will guide you through onboarding and provide ongoing support for years to come.

1-on-1 Consults

Monthly consultations on Reports and other topics are included with Support & Maintenance.

Collaborate Concierge

Book a dedicated Concierge to outsource tough tasks, like building specialized reports for last-minute funder requests.

Expert Onboarding

Project Management

From contract signing through Go-Live, onboarding specialists will manage the process and guide you toward best practices.

App Configuration

The Collaborate team does all the heavy lifting for you, from integrating forms to setting up Reports.

Staff Training

We’ll train your entire staff just before Go-Live to ensure everyone is well versed on using Collaborate.

Even More Features


For organizations that charge for their Services, easily manage that entire process - from Billing Items and Payments, through Account Statements and Reporting.

Picture of Collaborate running on mobile devices.

Mobile Responsive

Collaborate is accessible on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone - anywhere with an internet connection.

Screenshot of secure messaging in Collaborate.

Secure Message System

Send and receive secure messages, to and from other Users and Groups, without leaving Collaborate.

That means your data remains secure, so you can pass along Case and other sensitive information with confidence.

Auto Generated PDFs

Most everything in Collaborate, from Intakes and Services to Activities and Documents, are exported to PDF in one click.

Networks & Sites

Collaborate for Networks is offered for groups that need to communicate and securely share sensitive data between other organizations that use Collaborate.


Request a manager to give their blessing to a Case or Service before completing it.

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