Every module in Collaborate was designed in collaboration with our non-profit clients to best serve their case management needs. There are hundreds of modules to choose from - here are some of the most popular features.

Dropdown select in a form.
Paperless, Automated Forms

Say goodbye to paperwork. Collaborate automates your manual processes and digitizes all your paper forms.

Client Intakes and other elements are tailored specifically for your organization.

Reports interface with example report.
Reports for Everything

Each piece of data you store in Collaborate can be reported on, accurately.

1-click NCA, VOCA, VAWA, United Way, and dozens of other standardized Reports are available. Need custom Reports? Generate them on the fly, or let our data scientists create and save them for you.

Filled out telehealth consent form.
Document Management

Store all your Documents in Collaborate, while pulling relevant Case info into them, automatically.

Collect Electronic Signatures from Clients and Service providers, including telehealth forms. Signers can add signatures from any device.

Save Time, Money, and Paper with Collaborate Signatures

“With the use of Collaborate Electronic Signatures, our caseworkers are able to work more effectively and efficiently because it is such a simple process.”

Melissa Sewick headshot Melissa Sewick
Administrative Support Manager, Douglas County General Assistance

Calendar in month view with assorted events on it.
Assignments, Calendars, & Alerts

Assign Tasks to yourself or other Users with due dates associated with them.

Then track their due dates via a personalized Calendar, and receive email or SMS Alerts about specific Tasks coming up. Scheduled Services show up on your Calendar too.

Remote Work Tips for Social Workers

Pie chart with lots of data.
Data Visualizations

Visualize your data in Collaborate with charts and graphs, including:

  • Pie charts
  • Bar charts
  • Line charts
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Custom Intake

Streamlined forms that match your existing workflows will save time and improve accuracy.

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Intelligent Conflict Checking

Avoid duplicate entries and locate difficult to find Cases with intelligent conflict checking, performed automatically for each new Intake.

Case notes example.
Case Notes

Save Notes directly to a Case or Service for easy viewing later.

Several checkboxes from older cases.
Copy Case Fields

Avoid re-entering duplicative information while saving several minutes for each related Intake.

Log of all the actions performed on a case.
Case History

View a detailed history of every action taken for each client in the Client Service Log.

List of quick intake fields.

Quickly kick off an Intake when potential Clients call your hotline, then convert to full Cases later.

Jane Does client information.
Case Profiles

All of your Clients, Associated Persons, and other Contacts have their own Profile pages in Collaborate.

Here, your multidisciplinary team (MDT) can quickly access demographic information, record and schedule Services, upload important Documents, record Case Notes, and much more.

Output of an initial case review.
Case Review

The Case Review module makes scheduling, staffing, and conducting these sessions simple. (How simple? It’s used to review over 5,000 cases each month.)

Each participant in a Case Review meeting can download a PDF packet beforehand to prepare, and sessions will appear on their Calendar. Add discussion notes for even greater clarity.

Custom clinical testing form.
Customizable Services

Collaborate has dozens of pre-built Services, from medical comprehensive to workforce coaching. But it's not limited to those - you can create your own custom Services with associated criteria to be tracked and managed.

Tracking Speaking Engagements in Collaborate

“Our staff found that Collaborate is easy to navigate and was customized specifically to streamline services and data entry.”

Kelli Mukaddam headshot Kelli Mukaddam
Data Specialist, National Children’s Advocacy Center

Support group table.
Class Management

Group therapy and educational sessions are made simple with Collaborate’s Class Management module.

You can schedule Classes, log Attendance, run Reports, and track Outcomes via pre- and post-testing data.

Industry-Leading Security & Compliance

Security is a top priority for Collaborate and Network Ninja. Our servers and software are constantly monitored and updated, and our team is highly trained to protect your data.

Illustration of a checkmark.
HIPAA Compliant

A third party firm audited Collaborate and Network Ninja and confirmed our HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Primer for CACs

Illustration of an outline of a person.
Roles & Permissions

Multidisciplinary team members’ Permissions can be tightly controlled so that they only have access to what they need.

Illustration of an outline of lock.
Strong Encryption

Everything from a User’s browser to Collaborate, or on the server itself, is encrypted - including backups.

Illustration of an outline of a computer with a big key in front of it.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA greatly reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your Collaborate implementation.

Enhance Your Security with MFA

Illustration of a gear and a list of checkboxes.
Complete Logs

Administrators can view a full audit of every login or attempted login, and every change to every field in the database.

Illustration of the Collaborate logo in the clouds.
Backups of Backups

Collaborate instances are backed up in real-time, to prevent any loss of your data.

Collaborate application running on iPad and iPhone.
Mobile Support

Collaborate is accessible on your mobile phone or tablet running iOS or Android. Mobile functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adding Cases and Tasks
  • Running Reports
  • Accessing your Calendar
  • Viewing Documents, Contacts, and Organizations
Cient Portal with assorted questions on the screen.
Client Portal

Provide a seamless and easy-to-use platform for your Clients (works great for telehealth).

Information that is currently collected by staff can be obtained from the Client electronically, reviewed by staff, and moved into their Case file or chart with a click.

Bonus: multi-language support.

Expert Training

Before you Go-Live with Collaborate, our specialists will train your entire staff to use the system - but your education doesn’t end there.

Consult our Training Schedule for weekly webinars covering specific topics, along with open discussion sessions.

Support request page with dropdown of assorted requests that can be selected.
In-App Support

Our support team is standing by to help you with any issues you might have with Collaborate.

Submitting support tickets within the app is simple. Phone and email support is also provided.

Billing Management

Run billing Reports and track Invoices based on Service types.

Legal Dispositions

Law Enforcement can track and manage Cases and Legal Dispositions.

Network Functionality

Network-wide Reporting and Conflict Checking for statewide and nationwide networks.

Contacts & Organizations

Store partner agencies and their staff in Collaborate for easy retrieval and Referrals.

Medical Exams & Results

Conduct medical tests and create medical service profiles.

Secure Messaging

Securely contact other Users on your team with optional Case references.

Forensic Interviews

Conduct Forensic Interviews of Clients and manage interview results.

Mental Health Services

Track Clinical assessments and health history.

SMS Notifications

Send SMS alerts (text messages) to Users to remind them of upcoming Tasks, Services, and more.

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