step 1

We work with you the whole way

We will develop a customization plan for you, based on your current processes

You can even pick and choose from other Collaborate users’ templates

step 2

We roll out your Collaborate and train your users

On-site and online trainings

Documentation and user manuals, tailored to your implementation

step 3

We maintain and manage your cloud-based software for you

All support and maintenance, upgrades and updates, handled by us

Tech support via telephone, email, and screenshares

Collaborate has tons of modules you can choose from, and we're constantly adding more. Include what you need, nothing you don't.

Calendars & Appointments

Schedule events with the built-in calendar system. Event reminders conveniently display on the dashboard making busy schedules easy to plan and manage.

Daily Events Organizer

View detailed breakdowns of all scheduled activities and organize your day.

Convenient monthly sidebar calendars let you jump to any given day to pull up the information you need.

View automatic alerts on the Collaborate dashboard and never miss a scheduled event again.

Change Calendar Views

It's easy to flip between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar views and find the information you need.

Color-coded days help visually represent the number of scheduled events at-a-glance.


Case History

View a detailed history of every action taken for each client in the client service log. Additionally, the user activity log stores a complete history of every action performed within the system. Our group collaboration software logs everything so that you don't have to.

Client Service Log

Each client has a unique case history, represented by an ongoing log of all client services performed. Quickly view and sort the list of services to gain a complete picture of each client.

Click into individual services to view detailed service information.

User Activity Log

Every action authorized users perform within the system is also timestamped and saved for reference later. This removes user ambiguity and creates an easy to follow system history.

Multidisciplinary team administrators may reference complete activity logs to see all actions performed within the software.


Client Management

Custom client profiles with advanced filters and search make client management easy. Our group collaboration software enables multidisciplinary teams (MDT) to effectively track cases clearly and consistently amongst team members.

Easy to Read Client Profiles

Every client stored within the case management system has a unique client profile. Users can quickly view and understand important information at a glance.

With Collaborate client profiles are customized to store and show the information most useful to your team.

Assign Services to Clients

Central to the Collaborate case tracking software is the ability to assign specialized services to clients. Each service is customized to match your organization's needs, and captures a clearly defined set of data.

Services may be instantly conducted or scheduled for later using the built-in calendar system.

Create Checklists and Notes

Keep track of important to-do items for each client by setting checklist items. Assign new tasks to individuals or mutliple team members at the same time.

Store useful free-form notes directly within client profiles and share them with other team members.

Inline icons let you quickly print or edit note information.

Upload Your Documents

Store files that have been created outside the system by uploading them to client profiles.

Intelligent file versioning helps you maintain multiple versions of a file. Additionally, store the names of file authors and uploaders.


Custom Intake

Capture your organization's intake data using custom tailored forms that match your existing workflow. Streamline the intake process and work remotely using secure web-based enterprise collaboration software.

Simplify the Intake Process

Collaborate lets intake workers quickly get the necessary intake data into the system with no hassles.

The entire intake process is customized to match your existing workflow.

Intelligent Conflict Checking

Take the guesswork out of entering new intakes with intelligent conflict checking.

Search on client profile fields to quickly find pre-existing clients.


Customizable Services

Collaborate has dozens of pre-built services, from medical comprehensive to workforce coaching. But it's not limited to those - you can create your own custom services with associated criteria to be tracked and managed.

Flexible Services Framework

No matter how sophisticated your client services are, you can create custom services to track all service data points.

Collaborate has been used to track many complex custom services ranging from medical, forensic, legal, workforce coaching and more.

Recording Service Data

When you associate your custom service to a client all of your customized data fields are available for use.

Collaborate was designed to be a flexible framework that will match your business processes exactly.


Group Sessions

Collaborate allows your organization to easily setup educational group meetings for clients. Group meetings can be a single session or multiple sessions that recur over time.

Manage Multiple Groups

Keep track of different groups in your organization, including all of your group session schedules and locations.

Detailed Group Profiles

Every group has a unique profile screen that details all group information.

Each group session is also broken down on the page to track the group metrics your organization wants to record.

Track Client Attendance

Record which clients have attended which group sessions. Easily identify clients with low and high attendance rates.

Use attendance metrics to determine which groups are achieving their program goals.


Reports & Analysis

The flexible reporting system allows you to generate grant-specific and ad hoc reports for funders. There are several grant-specific reports out of the box, including: VOCA, United Way, NCA and SAMHSA reports. New custom grant reports can be generated to match your specific reporting criteria.

Grant-Specific Reporting

Create grant-specific reports for funders. It's easy to do it right the first time.

Your day-to-day case management tasks automatically populate your report data for you.

Set Date Ranges and Run Reports

Create reports for specific periods of time that you control.

Also include additional grant reporting information.

Review Report Details

View a clear and concise report summary, broken down into sections for easy readability.

Incomplete data is easily added. Completion reports allow you to quickly fill-in information that may have been newly discovered, without leaving the report.

Export to Popular Formats

Export to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF file formats, and send directly to your funder.

We have a handful of pre-written grant-specific reports out of the box, including: VOCA, United Way, NCA and SAMHSA reports. New custom reports can be generated to match your specific reporting criteria.

Create Custom Dynamic Reports

Add new custom reports to the system. Choose which data columns to include and add filters to show the results you want.

Custom reports can be saved and re-run at any time. The results are dynamic and reflect your data in real-time.

Graph Data Results

Visually respresent report data with graphs. Choose from several display formats, including: pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, summations and crosstabs.

Export and save graphic images for easy inclusion in documents and presentations.


Role-Based Privileges

Create various roles for users to control access permissions to all areas of the software. Customize role access to match the structure of your multidisciplinary team and control user access to sensitive client data.

Group Users by Roles

Just like in the real world, our web-based case management software lets you create unique roles for your team.

Collaborate is flexible enough to let you assign users to more than one role.

Grant Permissions to Roles

Administrators have full control to easily define permissions and control what each role may access in the system.

Roles help keep sensitive medical and legal case information accesssible to the users who need it and remains private from those without the proper permissions.


Create PDF Documents

Collaborate comes with built in PDF document creation, so you can easily convert existing paper forms into electronic versions.

Insurance and Medicaid

Medicaid, and Private health insurance (UB-04)

Find out how The Center uses this module in their daily workflow.

More Collaborate Features

Billing Management
  • Integrated Invoice Tracking
  • Run Billing Reports
Contacts & Organizations
  • All Your Contacts at Your Fingertips
  • Assign Contacts to Organizations
Forensic Interviews
  • Conduct Forensic Interviews
  • Manage Interview Results
Job to Candidate Matching
  • Help Candidates Find Jobs
  • Help Employers Find and Hire Your Clients
Legal Dispositions
  • Law Enforcement Case Tracking
  • Prosecution Case Management
  • Legal Disposition Tracking
Map Reports
  • Visualize Your Data
  • Filter and Go
  • Flexible Data Types
  • Uncover The Trends
Medical Exams & Results
  • Conduct Medical Tests
  • Medical Service Profiles
  • Client Prescription Management
  • Smart ICD-10 Diagnosis / ICD-9 Historical
Mental Health
  • Mental Health Clinical Impressions and History
  • Intelligent Axis Codes
Substance Abuse
  • Substance Abuse Management, including SAMHSA Coding
  • Integrated Scheduling
And Much, Much More

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How Can Collaborate Be Used?

Standalone Implementation

Perfect for small, medium, and large implementations that have multiple programs but don't need to communicate directly with other organizations that use Collaborate.

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Hundreds of Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) use Collaborate.

Collaborate for Networks

Offered for groups that need to communicate and securely share sensitive data between other organizations that use Collaborate.

For Networks of Organizations

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Collaborate for Networks is a perfect fit for statewide Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) networks.

Who Uses Collaborate?

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Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia

Member of the National Children’s Alliance, The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia, Inc. is Georgia’s statewide membership association of 50 local children’s advocacy centers.

Client Profile

  • Dozens of networked Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs), each with own private customizable instance
  • CACs able to search through entire state database of clients, caregivers, and offenders
  • Statewide reporting
  • Mix of Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) and non-MDT children’s advocacy centers
  • 500+ users, years of case data, tens of thousands of cases, hundreds of thousands of services

The LGBT Community Center

New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center empowers people to lead healthy, successful lives.

Client Profile

  • Elaborate case notes and status tracking
  • Mental Health and Medical focuses
  • On-site labs and referrals, including STD testing and results tracking
  • Group counseling and Community Outreach
  • Sophisticated reports and integrations, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Private health insurance (UB-04)

Douglas County Department of Corrections

The Douglas County Department of Corrections promotes public safety by effectively managing individuals in secure custody and Community Corrections by offering programs to prepare individuals to successfully return to society.

  • Serving multiple departments, National Commission on Correctional Health Care and ACA accredited
  • Second Chance funded
  • Class Management, Work Release, and RAP (Re-entry Assistance Program)
  • Service focuses include Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Education, and Medical
  • Integrations with other County department databases, can share information when appropriate

Hope For The Warriors

Hope For The Warriors works to enhance the quality of life for post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty.

Client Profile

  • Portal that allows HFTW clients to request services, fill out forms, and check appointment schedules
  • Direct correspondence between staff and clients
  • Complete Biopsychosocial (BPS) model processes
  • Other services tracked include financial assistance, career transitioning, and spouse & caregiver scholarships

The Spot / Project Ark

The Spot / Project Ark is a cooperative focusing on social justice and health care for at-risk youth.

Client Profile

  • Collaborate facilitates all data management and reporting for SPARK
  • Medical services, mental health counseling, sexual and reproductive health services
  • Work development / workforce coaching services
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Fully electronic medical records, charting, even immunization records

New York City’s YMCA

The YMCA of Greater New York is committed to serving the immigrant population of the City, and, in response to their needs, has opened New Americans Welcome Centers to help immigrants achieve literacy, cultural competence, and self-sufficiency.

  • Learning management for all of Greater New York’s YMCAs
  • 21 sites, 100s of users, tens of thousands of students
  • Collaborate manages their Class Offerings, Workshops, Lesson Plans, and Certifications
  • iPad support for signing intake documents and learning management attendance sheets
  • Web-based software key for such a spread out user-base

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Why Use Collaborate?

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Cut out the Paper

Let Collaborate do the heavy lifting. Collaborate adjusts to your workflow and processes, not the other way around.

“Prior to Collaborate, we were using paper charts…”

See what The Spot has to say about Collaborate vs. Paper.

  • Use your existing forms, electronically
  • No more boxes of folders, no more spreadsheets
  • Clients can sign documents using smartphones, tablets, or computers
  • Save everything in one place

Fully Customizable

Don't mess with a good thing - keep your workflows where they work, use our templates where they can be improved upon.

“…it’s like partnering with architects, engineers, and systems designers!”

See how we went above and beyond with Casa de Salud’s customizations.

  • We'll customize and configure Collaborate for you, good to go at launch
  • Afterward, as requirements change, make configuration changes on your own
  • Grant requirements change frequently, so can Collaborate's reports
  • Our expert software developers can accommodate your specialized requirements

Fast and Secure

Directly on the Internet backbone, and actively monitored for security, so you're safe and sound.

Assist America uses Collaborate’s admin capabilities to configure who can access Collaborate from where, and even automatically lock accounts if something suspicious is happening.

  • High-grade encryption
  • Users can be granted access to what they need, only
  • Stable and scalable platform
  • Hourly backups means disaster avoidance


Hosted and maintained by us, for you.

New York City’s YMCA and Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia both make use of Collaborate’s cloud-based nature to allow users spread across a large area to access their database securely, using a web browser. Assist America does it worldwide.

  • No need for additional systems or network administrators
  • No software to install
  • Lightning fast, with as much bandwidth, processing power, and storage as you need
  • Access from anywhere, any time

Easy to Use and Understand

Developed and constantly improved upon, since 1998, we take our clients feedback seriously. Easy to use, even for the most technology-averse.

Our userbase is diverse, but most are not organizations that traditionally rely heavily on technology. Take a look at how some of our features work, simple and straightforward.

  • Intuitively designed interface
  • Simple to navigate
  • Dedicated support staff to assist
  • Online support & issue reporting

Substantial Cost Savings

Software is a tool to help you perform better, with less effort. Let it handle the grunt work and tedium, allowing you to focus on your real goals.

“…making for a highly efficient client experience and delivery of services”

See how Collaborate streamlined The Center’s processes and reduced overhead.

  • Significant reduction in organization communication overhead
  • No annual or "per seat" license fees
  • Increased productivity and lower administrative costs
  • Reports that used to take weeks now take seconds!

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