“Our Counseling Staff uses Collaborate’s SMS feature constantly, they love it.”

Tarah Sellers headshot Tarah Sellers
Director of Client Services, Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA)

Using aggregate data provided by a Collaborate customer, we recently measured the effectiveness of Collaborate’s integrated SMS (text message) Reminders for Clients. Specifically, we compared Scheduled Services that included a Collaborate SMS Reminder vs. those that didn’t have a Reminder across a three-month period.

The data shows that using SMS Reminders reduced Missed Service Appointments by 53%.

Chart showing SMS Reminders reducing Missed Service Appointments.

Let’s explore how some organizations are using this much-requested feature, and the impact it’s having on their operations.

NOVA Counselors Save Time with SMS

When scheduling Counseling Services in Collaborate, Staff at the Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) is seeing big benefits when including SMS Reminders, says Director of Client Services Tarah Sellers.

“Sometimes, staff will set up multiple alerts, too - an immediate message when setting up the next Service, so the Client has it on their phone, and another one scheduled for the day before the Service,” Sellers notes.

Screenshot of SMS Reminder setup in Collaborate.

“SMS has been particularly useful with telehealth clients as well,” Sellers says, with in-person sessions being limited amid the pandemic. “Plus, it saves Staff time, since they don’t have to manually email, call, or text people to remind them about appointments.”

Less No-Shows for Safe Harbor Clients

Amanda Moore, a Therapist at Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center, has seen a positive trend since she started using SMS Reminders, too.

“I have been tracking my no-show appointments, and SMS Reminders have definitely reduced the number of no-shows.”

Amanda Moore headshot Amanda Moore
Therapist, Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center

“I’ve been sending the Collaborate SMS messages to counseling clients for a few months now,” Moore says. “They’re definitely making a difference.”

Screenshot of SMS Reminder received from Collaborate on mobile phone.

“The feedback about receiving the messages has been positive as well,” Moore concludes. “Most people appreciate the reminder.”

Conclusion: Why Use SMS Reminders?

SMS Reminders are an important tool for medical and social services providers in Collaborate. Their benefits include:

  • Saving time - Automated Reminders prevent service providers from having to manually remind clients and patients about upcoming appointments.
  • Keeping Staff and Clients informed - A tangible reminder directly to a mobile phone is the best way to get in touch.
  • Increasing Service Appointment Attendance - Clients are more likely to show up for important Services (and we have the data to prove it!).

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