Collaborate was designed to simply and accurately collect and report on Case data for social services agencies. But what about activities that don’t involve Cases at all - like community outreach, or staff training?

Collaborate’s new Activity Module - inspired by Denver Children’s Advocacy Center - makes tracking these efforts a breeze.

“The idea came about because we had experienced challenges in documenting and tracking our wide-ranging community outreach work,” explains Zach Carlson, Director of Finance & Operations at Denver CAC. “We were entering data into a number of Excel files, which was causing headaches.”

While Collaborate was working well to track Case-related Services data, Carlson says they needed an integrated way to securely collect and report on activities like Support Groups, Community Events, and Prevention efforts. “We were concerned about the safety of this data [outside Collaborate], consistency in data tracking, and also that we were not appropriately capturing all of the work that we were doing,” he says.

The Integrated Activity Data Solution

“Our motivation for the Activity Module was based more on documentation of activities as opposed to active management,” Carlson notes. “We are using the Activity Module to document all of the work that we do outside of our mental health treatment and forensic interview programs.” These activities include:

  • Prevention,
  • Group mental health consultation,
  • Support groups,
  • Trainings,
  • Community events, and
  • Outreach efforts for new partnerships.
“The Activity Module has been very helpful in streamlining our data entry and it is very convenient having all of our data in one place. We love the flexibility that the module allows in adding new types of activities.”

Zach Carlson headshot Zach Carlson
Director of Finance & Operations, Denver Children’s Advocacy Center

Get Started with Activity Module

  1. Create some Activity Categories - Here, we’ve added ones like Community Outreach, Events, and Training.
    Screenshot of Activity Categories in Collaborate.

  2. After addings some Activity Types - like Fundraisers and Resource Fairs - you can record or schedule your efforts.
    Screenshot of Activity Types in Collaborate.

  3. With Activities recorded, you can run Reports on them, including charts and graphs.
    Screenshot of Activity Report bar charts in Collaborate.

Track Activities Now

Reach out to us if you’d like Collaborate staff to enable the Activity Module on your application (there’s no charge). Check the Training Schedule for upcoming training opportunities on this new feature, and we can also customize the module for you, if you prefer.

Thanks again to Denver CAC for the great idea - social workers always seem to have a lot of those.