Back in 2018, the South Carolina Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers (SCNCAC) signed on for a statewide Collaborate implementation for their 17 CACs.

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Since going live last year, SCNCAC has taken the initiative to keep their Users up-to-date on key features via they call their Tip of the Week.

One recent Tip of the Week instructed Users how to track Speaking Engagements in Collaborate. This community outreach, which often involves talking to children at schools, is an important part of what CACs do for their communities - thus it’s also important to track and report on these initiatives for funding purposes, and to help measure their impact.

SCNCAC Program Staff did such a great job with this primer, that (with their permission) we’re reproducing it here for the entire Collaborate community!

How to Record and Track a Speaking Engagement in Collaborate

  1. When viewing the Case of a Staff member (or any Contact), on the right side, under Elaborate Services, scroll down to Speaking Engagement - CAC, select it, and click Conduct. screenshot

  2. You now have several customization options. If you select a date in the future, for example, it’ll automatically record it on your Calendar. You can track start time, end time, and time spent (this is automatically calculated for you based on start & end time, but you can manually enter it as well, which is useful if you want to include prep time). You can also track the Service Location - this will default to your organization, but you can change this.

  3. Increase the number of sessions if this is a multi-part engagement, such as a series of talks.

  4. We can also add a Service Note to this Speaking Engagement - for example, to add some thoughts on how to improve the presentation next time, or feedback from attendees - basically anything you want to track afterward should be entered here.

  5. After saving your Speaking Engagement, you can add more Services Notes, Documents, a Task List (example: “bring special materials when you do this speaking engagement”), and view the Service Log.

  6. That’s it! Our Speaking Engagement is complete. Administrators can easily report on these Engagements as well, complete with demographic information for attendees. 👍

SCNCAC is truly dedicated to helping its centers do their best work by getting the most out of Collaborate, as evidenced by their exceptional primer here. Thanks again for allowing us to share it with hundreds of CACs and other non-profits around the country!

SCNCAC’s Collaborate Implementation Highlights
  • 17 networked CACs with statewide Conflict Checking
  • Optional Modules include Batch Simple Services, Case Review, Document Queue, and Document Templates
  • Integrations with South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA) for crosstrained Users