The Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC) recently signed on to use Collaborate as their case management solution. As their program and mission has evolved to meet a wide range of children in crisis, their requirements in a case management solution changed as well. When Interview & Discovery kickoff coincided with BCAC’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the Collaborate team jumped at the chance to tour Baltimore’s facility and attend a fundraiser for a great cause.

BCAC wall

For the past 30 years, BCAC has served abused children and their families in Baltimore with comprehensive forensic interviews, medical treatment, mental health services, and Family Advocacy services, with the goal of healing families and preventing future trauma. Their facility has been thoughtfully designed to put children at ease from the moment they walk through the doors.

BCAC butterflies

Each child that visits the center decorates a beautiful butterfly, representing the metamorphosis they undergo during their treatment. Many of these works of art can be seen hanging from the facility’s ceiling.

BCAC lunch

Network Ninja’s Caitlin Muldoon (far left) and Matt Bochneak (top right) posed in impressive triangle formation with BCAC Family Advocate Denielle Randall (bottom middle), Bilingual Family Advocate Paulina Olivares (top middle), and Program Operations Manager Iona Rudisill (bottom right).

BCAC food

The friendly environment in BCAC helped facilitate some productive discussions about their upcoming Collaborate implementation.

“BCAC has long championed the need to be trauma informed and child focused in approach, but to also be able to provide the best and most innovative service possible through smart use of technology. BCAC has never been satisfied with 'good enough' and looks to seize upon opportunities to embrace new technologies and data analysis to be able to provide the best service possible for every child and every community.”

adamrosenberg headshot Adam Rosenberg
Baltimore Child Abuse Center

BCAC house

BCAC tree

Baltimore’s staff explained how play therapy is an effective way to get kids to talk about - and heal from - adverse experiences.

“As a new member of the Network Ninja team, the visit to the Baltimore CAC was an eye-opening and humbling experience. Seeing the important work these folks do up close brought into focus that our true goal with Collaborate is to help those that help others.”

tomreese headshot Tom Reese
Network Ninja

BCAC dog

One of the biggest heroes at BCAC is Manny, the trained facility dog. Whether he’s helping youngsters open up about their Adverse Childhood Experiences, or providing levity to staff members, this loving labrador is a popular resource for the center.

BCAC event

As day turned to night, everyone dressed up and headed to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum for BCAC’s sold-out fundraiser, the Be A Hero Gala.

BCAC hello

The 1980s-themed event featured many inside references to the decade that brought us influential cultural icons like the Rubik’s Cube and Lionel Richie.

BCAC stage

Several local heroes were honored during the event, which raised well over $50,000 for the Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

BCAC party

After dinner, everyone headed to the dance floor area, as the legendary Biz Markie spun records.

“The Ninjas not only have a keen understanding of our need to be able to process and access a deep analysis of our data, but also can get down and party with the best of them on the dance floor.”

adamrosenberg headshot Adam Rosenberg
Baltimore Child Abuse Center

BCAC biz

As the night wound down, the Collaborate team even got a chance to meet the Biz!

An excellent time was had by all, and most importantly, a huge chunk of money was raised for a center that’s been a cornerstone of its community for over three decades.

The stars aligned for the Collaborate team to be in town just in time for the special event. The BCAC, its staff, and event organizers certainly didn’t disappoint. Thank you, Baltimore!