The Collaborate team was proud to attend the 34th International Symposium on Child Abuse in Huntsville, Alabama this year. It was great to chat in person with so many people from CACs and other non-profits from across the country, and our HIPAA presentation “It’s Not Spelled Like HIPPO” was a hit.

Instead of giving away cheap conference swag like logo pens, stress balls, or other useless landfill fodder, we love to donate a big chunk of cold, hard cash (in the form of a $1,000 check) to a worthy organization that enters the drawing.

So, without further ado, here’s the lucky winner. Drum roll, please…

It’s the St. Clair County Child Advocacy Center, courtesy of Executive Director Carolyn Hubler. Congratulations, Carolyn, and the St. Clair County CAC!

People posing with $1000 check They cashed the check before a picture could be taken, so here we see Carolyn and her team improvising, holding up what appears to be a personal checkbook. Non-profits are creative and resourceful.

Since November 2000, the St. Clair County Child Advocacy Center has been investigating and treating sexual and serious physical abuse of children. In addition, the agency interviews children who have witnessed violent crimes.

“The St. Clair CAC here in Illinois is excited to use the $1,000 donation towards new forensic interview recording equipment for our center. Thank you to Network Ninja and the Collaborate team. We are very grateful.”

carolynhubler headshot Carolyn Hubler
St. Clair County CAC

Thanks to all for entering our special drawing, and we look forward to connecting with even more CACs and other non-profits at future conferences. Speaking of which, we hope to see you at these events we’ll be attending in 2018: