Funder reports are a pain point for many victim services organizations. VOCA reports in particular can be time consuming and difficult to understand - but not in Collaborate.

With Collaborate’s new Standard VOCA Report, advocates and administrators can easily pull the precise numbers they need to meet funding requirements, on one screen, across a single organization or an entire statewide network.

This “1-Click” VOCA Report is simple to use, and is designed to take the stress out of reporting season.

“I am very pleased with Collaborate’s VOCA Report and appreciate that I can rely more on the ‘one click’ function...I appreciate the efforts of Collaborate/Network Ninja in helping to make the reporting process more manageable!”

Chrisie Sherrard headshot Chrisie Sherrard
Assistant Director, Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center

Developed Alongside VOCA Administrators

Collaborate analysts consulted with state and federal VOCA Administrators to ensure all your Client and Service data is mapped properly. That means Collaborate’s VOCA Report is the most accurate - and comprehensive - in the business.

All the required VOCA data is included, like:

  • Total Individuals & Anonymous Contacts,
  • New & Continuing Individuals,
  • Age, Gender, and Race & Ethnicity breakdowns,
  • Victimizations, and
  • Direct Services based on VOCA Service categories.

Easiest. Report. Ever.

It’s simple to run the Standard VOCA Report in Collaborate. Just select a Fiscal Year and Quarter (or multiple Quarters), indicate which Site(s) to run the numbers for, and select the Report Parts to return.

Screenshot of VOCA Report options in Collaborate.

The Report runs in seconds, and includes well-formatted results like Total Individuals, Age breakdowns, and Service Counts for your Site. Admins can also pull these numbers for the entire State Network.

Screenshot of VOCA Report individuals served in Collaborate.

Screenshot of VOCA Report age group breakdowns in Collaborate.

A Window Into Your Data

Want to dig deeper into your results? Click the “Show Explanation” button to see exactly what it takes for Cases and Services to be counted in each section of the Report.

Screenshot of VOCA Report section explanations in Collaborate.

Automatic Updates Make it Future-Proof

When federal VOCA guidelines change, we amend the Report to reflect them. Updates are rolled out automatically to all organizations, so you’re always on the latest version.

Need to add some fields to meet your state’s specific requirements? We’ll help you do that, too.

Effortless Reporting

With ease of use, unrivaled accuracy, and automated updates, Collaborate’s Standard VOCA Report does all the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today to see it in action.