For over 35 years, The Exchange Club Family Center has provided help to families in Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas affected by anger and violence. The organization offers counseling, group therapy, and educational programs aimed not only at healing, but also preventing future incidents through early intervention.

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Last year, the Family Center served over 3,000 children and adults via more than 13,000 counseling and therapy sessions. Their services include:

  • Parenting support classes,
  • Anger management programs,
  • Domestic violence assessment and treatment, and
  • Community education initiatives.
Before & After: The Family Center’s Upcoming Transformation

Previously, The Family Center was using a homegrown Access-based database for record keeping. They had a tough time meeting security requirements to maintain HIPAA compliance with their limited implementation, which also lacked automation, was difficult to pull reports from, and required a lot of time and effort to ensure data integrity.

The Family Center will soon upgrade to a more user-friendly and sustainable solution via a custom Collaborate implementation. This will allow the organization to more effectively manage Cases, schedule and run their Programs, Classes, and Services, and more accurately track and report on important data with the aim of improving outcomes.

  Before Collaborate After Collaborate
Database Local Microsoft Access Cloud-based AWS
Security Limited Secure & encrypted
HIPAA Compliance Challenging Achievable
Conflict checking Burdensome Automatic, required during Intake
Reporting Manual, time consuming Automated, speedy, & accurate
Automation None Full automation for many tasks
Data integrity Fragmented, not many relationships Accurate, consistent, strong relationships
Roles & Permissions Tough to enforce Clearly defined and enforced
Usability Difficult User-friendly design
Integrations None Document Templates, SMS Notifications, DocuSign signatures, Batch Simple Services, and Document Queue

With Collaborate, The Family Center will refine its Intake processes and tap the system’s grant-focused Reporting tools - so funders always stay in the loop. Collaborate will also help the organization maintain its HIPAA compliance via strong data encryption, robust Roles & Permissions to define exactly who can see what, and industry-leading security measures designed to help keep personal health information (PHI) safe: the tools they need to prevent accidental disclosure events.

The Interview & Discovery phase, where the parameters for tailoring Collaborate to the organization’s workflow are defined, will commence this summer, and a Go-Live is scheduled for this fall.

Learn more about how The Exchange Club Family Center is helping its community. You can also donate to the organization, or if you’re in the Memphis area, consider volunteering your time.