Along with in-person training (which is recommended for organizations as they head toward Go-Live), Collaborate offers regular online training opportunities for users and Administrators. These live webinar sessions - landing on Friday each week - cover a variety of beginner and advanced topics, and are a great chance to learn the ropes or to sharpen your skills.

Please reference the Collaborate Training Schedule to find the right topics, dates, and times for you and your colleagues, and Request Specific Training Topics prior to the webinar so we can get to them during the time allotted.

Meet Your Trainer

A former Executive Director and Forensic Interviewer with two decades of experience in the Children’s Advocacy Center world, Ted Buckenham joined Network Ninja in early 2019 as a training specialist.

ted buckenham loves dinos

For many years, Ted used Collaborate first-hand to manage Clients, Cases, Services, and Reporting (plus everything in between), making him the ideal person to teach others to do the same.

Current Training Opportunities

New User Training (Part I)

Learn the foundational elements of Collaborate, including:

  • An overview of the Collaborate system (navigating using Tabs)
  • Creating a New Client, New Associated Person, and New Alleged Offender
  • Adding and Editing Simple Services
  • Adding and Editing Elaborate Services
New User Training (Part II)

Building upon the New User Training Part I, learn more Collaborate elements, including:

  • Managing Documents
  • Adding and Editing Assignments
  • Creating Case Tasks
  • Managing Alerts

We recommend attending the New User Training Part I webinar before participating in Part II.

Reports (Part I)

Learn the ins and outs of Collaborate Reports, including:

  • An overview of how Reports work
  • How to Create a Basic Demographics Report
  • Applying and manipulating Filters
  • Exporting Reports to CSV
Reports (Part II)

Building upon the Reports Part I webinar, you’ll learn even more about Reports, including:

  • Building Reports to report on Services provided
  • Aggregating Columns
  • Using Crosstabs

We recommend attending the Reports Part I webinar before participating in Part II.

Administrator Training

Site admins will get expert training on how to manage their Collaborate implementations, including:

  • Managing Staff and Contacts
  • Managing Organizations
  • Inactivating Cases
  • Deleting Services and Notes
  • An Overview of Roles and Permissions