Two more statewide CAC networks comprising 79 individual CACs are set to launch with Collaborate within the next six months, leveraging better case management software to simplify staff work, deliver more accurate data to funders, and help improve outcomes for their clients.

Measuring Outcomes in Illinois

Headquartered in Springfield, IL, Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois (CACI) leads a network of 39 CACs that serve tens of thousands of clients across the state each year. CACI’s innovative Outcome Measurement System (OMS), which will be tightly integrated into their Collaborate implementation, allows the organization to benchmark two key metrics:

  1. CACs’ effectiveness in healing children and caregivers, and
  2. MDTs’ efficiency in conducting case investigations.

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Illinois’ OMS system tracks important data points via an Initial Caregiver Survey, Follow Up Caregiver Survey, and MDT Survey. Within Collaborate, OMS will become easily reportable and simpler to use - helping drive better outcomes, faster.

CAC Illinois is set to Go-Live with Collaborate in the winter of 2019/2020. On a personal note, our team is particularly proud to have signed CACI as a client, considering Network Ninja is based nearby in Chicago!

Collaborate and the Empire State, Building Together

Heading from the Midwest to the Northeast, New York State Children’s Alliance (NYSCA) provides training, technical assistance, support, and resources to 40 Children’s Advocacy Centers and over 300 professionals throughout the state of New York.

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NYSCA member centers served more than 23,000 clients in 2018, providing over 3,300 forensic medical evaluations and mental health treatment for over 6,000 children. The first of many New York CACs are expected to Go-Live with Collaborate in early 2020, as we work together to build a tailored platform for all of the state’s centers.

“I've participated in several Collaborate state implementations, and have been thrilled to see the advances these organizations have made. It’s easy to be passionate about this product, especially when I hear success stories from our amazing users who help so many families. Having been born and raised in New York, I am excited and proud for my home state to be one of the next networks to benefit from Collaborate.”

Caitlin Muldoon headshot Caitlin Muldoon
Collaborate Business Analyst, Network Ninja

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