Email reminders are good, but text messages are even better. With the new SMS Reminders module in Collaborate, you, your colleagues, and your Clients will get alerts on upcoming Events (like Tasks or Services) texted to their mobile phones.

Collaborate SMS Message illustration

Why should you use SMS Reminders? Because they work: researchers found that the open rate for SMS messages is nearly 98%, and almost 90% of SMS recipients open their text messages within three minutes of receiving them.

The open rate for SMS is nearly 98%, and nearly 90% of SMS recipients open their text messages in the first three minutes.

With SMS Reminders, recipients are far more likely to:

  • Be on time for Service Appointments,
  • Remember assigned Tasks, and
  • Attend important Events.

Here’s How it Works

Setting up SMS Reminders for upcoming Events, Tasks, and Services is simple. When adding an Event to your Calendar, Use the Reminder section and select Yes for Send SMS Reminder. As long as Attendees have their mobile number saved in Collaborate, they’ll receive the alert on the date and time you specify.

Collaborate SMS Reminder setup screenshot.

Below you can see what the SMS Reminder about an upcoming Event looks like, complete with a Title, Start/End Date & Time, and the name of the person that scheduled the Event (you can loop both colleagues and Clients into these alerts). Recipients can opt out of text messages at any time by replying “STOP.”

Collaborate Service Appointment SMS Reminder screenshot on mobile phone.

Get Started with SMS Reminders

Later this month, all Collaborate customers will have access to SMS Reminders. Check the Training Schedule for opportunities to learn to use this functionality - and remember that Collaborate Online Trainings are always free!