Collaborate offers a number of Optional Modules that organizations can choose from to enhance their implementations. One of the popular options is DocuSign Signatures, which allows Signers to add their signature to Documents electronically.

“The ability to send Signature Requests to Clients remotely when needed has been a huge benefit.”

This technology saves time, eliminates paper, and provides convenience for Signers - plus it’s really easy to use.

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Technology You Can Trust

We use DocuSign, the world’s #1 e-signature solution, to seamlessly integrate this module into Collaborate. DocuSign Signatures are legally binding - just like a physical signature on paper. The same technology is used by doctors, therapists, lawyers, government agencies, real estate firms, and non-profits around the globe, and is designed to replace your paper signatures.

Thousands of Documents are signed each month in Collaborate using DocuSign Signatures, providing value both to staff members and the Clients they serve.

“With the use of Docusign Signatures, our caseworkers are able to work more effectively and efficiently because it is such a simple process.

The module was very easy for our staff to learn, and the ability to send Signature Requests to Clients remotely when needed has been a huge benefit.”

Melissa Sewick headshot Melissa Sewick
Administrative Support Manager, Douglas County General Assistance

How It Works

Getting Documents signed electronically in Collaborate is a simple process:

  1. Set a Document’s status to “Requires Signature.”
  2. Create a Signature Request, which can be delivered via email, in a Signer’s web browser, or on a mobile device.
  3. The Signer receives the Signature Request, clicks over to DocuSign’s secure server, and signs the Document electronically using one of many pre-loaded signature styles - or they can draw their own.
  4. The Document or Documents are saved to the associated Case or Service.
Use Envelopes to Save Time & Money

You can bundle several Documents that need signatures together in what’s called an Envelope. This is handy if you’ve got batches of forms to be signed, since the Signer can add their signature to them in rapid succession. Using Envelopes also helps keep costs low, since you only incur a small fee for each Envelope signed - not each Document.

Ready to Start Collecting Signatures Electronically?

Like all Optional Modules in Collaborate, DocuSign Signatures can be turned on for a one-time fee without the need for additional customization costs. This quick development turnaround means you’ll be up and running with digital signatures in as little as one day.

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