Children’s Advocacy Centers of Arkansas provide services to child victims of abuse, including combinations of advocacy, interviews, medical exams, and therapy. These services are critical, because rates of suicide - and even morbid obesity - are significantly higher in child victims of abuse. When service providers can more easily manage the processes behind those services, they spend more time helping kids, and less time on overhead tasks like paperwork and reporting.

While the Network Ninja team migrates data from Arkansas’ legacy NCATrak databases, their 17 member centers will Go-Live with Collaborate’s best practices developed by over 400 other advocacy groups - and return later with a team of veteran superusers to make customizations.

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Children’s Advocacy Centers of Arkansas will be the 11th statewide network to use Collaborate case management software.

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An Advanced Strategy Built on 20 Years of Best Practices

One of the issues that makes large scale software implementations difficult is deliberating on details that may or may not matter once the system is “Live”. Something that seems like a big detail during “Interview & Discovery” (where we develop specifications) often turns out to be minor, but lots of time is spent discussing and planning for these predicted pain points.

By picking Best Practices developed by over 400 other advocacy centers using Collaborate, CACs of Arkansas will be able to:

  • Get to Go-Live much faster,
  • Reduce time spent by Arkansas’ Design Team,
  • Gain immediate access to 1-click NCA & VOCA reports, and
  • Benefit from streamlined workflows based on the collective knowledge of 10 statewide CAC networks and other leaders like National CAC and Baltimore CAC.
“The children’s advocacy center model is something that was designed for the child, so it’s child center focused. Instead of a child going to a scary police station and waiting, and then going to an ER and waiting, they’re able to come to a child friendly environment, and work with one of our trained interviewers.”

Elizabeth Pulley headshot Elizabeth Pulley
Executive Director, Children's Advocacy Centers of Arkansas

To learn more about how CACs of Arkansas is impacting children’s lives, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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