With high demand for services, and limited staffing, it’s integral for social services organizations to schedule employees when needed most.

The Santa Clara County Children’s Advocacy Center uses Collaborate to help maximize staffing efficiency. “We can generate one-click reports that help inform our day-to-day operations, including Client utilization of our services, which has helped our agency make the necessary adjustments for adequate staffing,” says Program Manager Jennifer Puthoff.

“Collaborate has simplified our work, made our team more efficient and improved our process and program outcomes.”

Jennifer Puthoff headshot Jennifer Puthoff
Program Manager, Santa Clara County Children’s Advocacy Center

A specialized report created through the Collaborate Concierge service allows Puthoff to segment the number of Forensic Interviews conducted by the CAC by days of the week. Based on this data, they identified that Tuesday through Friday were the busiest days - so they updated staff schedules to have more Victim Advocates on call during those periods.

Screenshot of a chart in Collaborate showing staffing minutes by day of the week.

The result is an ability to help more children and families while reducing stress on staff. But it wasn’t always this easy, Puthoff notes. “Before launching Collaborate,” she says, “we were using data from multiple spreadsheets that were often static, difficult to analyze, and labor intensive.”

Now, making data-driven decisions is a simple, straightforward part of the day at Santa Clara County CAC. “Working with Network Ninja and Collaborate has allowed our center to create sophisticated metrics for measuring our performance and monitoring our operations,” Puthoff concludes.

Screenshot of a crosstab in Collaborate showing number of services by day and time of week.

In short, Collaborate allows social services agencies to:

  • Optimize staffing efficiency,
  • Streamline day-to-day work, and
  • Drive better outcomes for clients.

Data insights like these can help your organization work smarter, too. Contact us for a demo of Collaborate today.