In September 2023, Collaborate hosted our first Funding Roundtable, an event focusing on how CACs use data in their fundraising efforts.

Demonstrate the Need Using Data

The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Kentucky uncovered that their CACs were only seeing approximately 50% of the families that met the criteria for their services. These numbers quickly got lawmakers’ attention, and more funding followed.

“Funders like to see very specific data. Once we had good data about the universe of cases out there, we were able to ask for more funding.”

Caroline Ruschell headshot Caroline Ruschell
Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Advocacy Centers of Kentucky

“Our ability to tell our story, in an easy to understand format, is another key to our success,” says Caroline Ruschell, CEO of the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Kentucky.

Do it with Collaborate

Collaborate’s Dynamic Reports allow for reporting on every field in the database, from client demographics and service delivery, to location-based statistics. Slice and dice the data any way that funders want to see it.

Screenshot of a complex crosstab report in Collaborate showing services by various criteria.

Or, let the Collaborate Concierge service do the heavy lifting for your next annual report, feasibility study, or needs assessment. Our team of data experts will crunch critical numbers to tell your story with data, like drive distances for advocates serving rural communities.

Screenshot of drive distances map for forensic interviewers.

Speak to Funders Using Their Terms

Figure out what funders really care about, and use their language at the crux of your grant applications, says Dawn Meyer, Database and Technology Specialist at Children’s Advocacy Centers of Arkansas.

“Relating data to the provision of direct services, while maintaining consistent service delivery and client confidentiality, were the keywords we used to get VOCA funding for our statewide Collaborate application.”

Dawn Meyer headshot Dawn Meyer
Database and Technology Specialist, Children's Advocacy Centers of Arkansas

Do it with Collaborate

Collaborate’s Standard “1-Click” VOCA Report is easy to use, takes the stress out of reporting season, and delivers the precise data that state and federal VOCA administrators want to see - statewide, or on an individual agency basis.

Animated GIF of a VOCA Report in Collaborate.

Use Performance Improvements as Leverage

Funders typically want something in return for the funds you’re requesting. If you can demonstrate better performance, such as faster service delivery, they’ll be more likely to send money your way.

“With Collaborate, we’re able to report on wait times for Forensic Interviews, and we are confident we can obtain additional state funding if we can reduce those wait times.”

Thomas Knapp headshot Thomas Knapp
Executive Director, South Carolina Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers (SCNCAC)

Do it with Collaborate

Data integrations can save agencies a lot of time, leading to faster service delivery. SCNCAC recently partnered with the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) on an automated referral service for Collaborate, which routes case data to appropriate organizations, based on what counties they serve.

Infographic explaining how a data integration works in Collaborate.

With less back-and-forth between DSS and CACs, the time between first contact and Forensic Interview in South Carolina is falling - and funding is rising.

Focus on Hot Topics

Cybersecurity and protecting client confidentiality are extremely important today for service providers and lawmakers alike. A few years ago, the West Virginia Children’s Advocacy Network (WVCAN) smartly invested in a statewide risk assessment, and leveraged the output to get funding to properly address their needs.

“Our security risk assessment uncovered the need for a private IT contractor, and we secured a grant to fund it statewide.”

Kate Flack headshot Kate Flack
Chief Executive Officer, West Virginia Children’s Advocacy Network

Do it with Collaborate

Network Ninja (the company behind Collaborate) subsequently underwent its own 3rd party HIPAA risk assessment, which was completed in partnership with WVCAN. Today, Network Ninja is also a SOC 2 compliant vendor, so when you use Collaborate - or fundraise for a new implementation - your funders will rest assured your clients’ sensitive data is protected by the five “trust service principles” laid out by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

SOC 2 badge.

SOC 2 Trust Service Principles

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Processing Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy

Prove Your Current Impact

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Santa Clara County was able to raise an additional $2.5 million in funding in the past two years. They did it via accurate data collection and reporting in Collaborate, ensuring they’d get credit for all of the services they provide in their community.

“Being able to document everything we do for kids and families, along with additional need to serve the underserved, were the keys for us.”

Jennifer Puthoff headshot Jennifer Puthoff
Program Manager, Children's Advocacy Center of Santa Clara County

Do it with Collaborate

Get visual with Reports in Collaborate, including pie charts, line charts, and bar charts. Impressive visuals can take data to the next level, such as using a pie chart to illustrate how quickly you’re delivering services to your clients.

Screenshot of a pie chart report in Collaborate showing time elapsed between service.

Thanks very much to our esteemed presenters for sharing such actionable information with the Collaborate community. The annual Funding Roundtable is exclusively for Collaborate customers, so book a demo today and take the first step toward joining the movement.